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Research and Career Preparation

The Global Disease Biology major offers several opportunities to get real-life research and work experience and to prepare for a career in a GDB-related field.

Global Disease Biology Senior project

All students in the Global Disease Biology major are required to complete a research project (GDB 189) over 1 or 2 quarters during their senior year under the guidance of a faculty mentor. Projects may be lab- or field-based research, analysis of data sets, or writing of a review paper exploring a critical issue in global disease or health. Projects typically are completed on campus, but may be off-campus with a non-UC Davis mentor, in which case students must also have an on campus faculty member as a co-mentor. Students enroll in GDB 187 in their Junior year to identify and begin their research project. We will soon be posting first-hand experiences from GDB students who already have completed their senior research project.

Global Disease Biology Internships

GDB students are free and encouraged to find internships on- or off campus as early as their Freshman year. These internships provide what is called experiential education and represent an excellent opportunity to develop hands-on skills and to gain career experiences under the supervision of a faculty sponsor or other professional. Internships can be paid or unpaid, and may be taken for academic credit, depending on the type of internship and time commitment per week (see https://icc.ucdavis.edu/find/internships/academic-credit.htm ). Students should note that an internship is not the same as the GDB 189 Senior research project, although for some students, the internship experience may facilitate their search for ideas, mentors, and/or locations for their GDB senior research project.

"Overall, the practicum has allowed me to develop a much deeper appreciation and understanding of research and the process of scientific inquiry."
Ron Hart, 4th year Global Disease Biology student

Global Disease Biology Careers

There are wide array of potential careers associated with Global Disease Biology including:

The Occupational Outlook Handbook can help students find career information on education and training, pay, and outlook for hundreds of GDB-related occupations, for example in Healthcare, Community and Social Service, and Life, Physical, and Social Science.


There are many resources available to GDB students when it comes to research, internships, and career options. Below are a few that can be found online.

UC Davis Undergraduate Research Center offers quarterly information sessions, workshops and advising. The research checklist highlights the steps to narrow down your interests and how to contact faculty for opportunities.

UC Davis Internship and Career Center offers numerous resources to UC Davis students including advising, workshops and career fairs to name a few. Health-Related Internships are offered quarterly as well as Transcript Notation for other internship opportunities. Aggie Job Link is a database of internship and career postings.

UC Davis Study Abroad has multiple programs for students. Program recommendations for Global Disease Biology majors can be found here and include Summer and Quarter Abroad Internships in Bolivia, India, South Africa, and Mexico, among other places.


Contact GDB Advising

(530) 754-4131 or gdb-advise@ucdavis.edu

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