Position Title
Rafael Ricon
GDB Peer Advisor


Hey y’all! My name is Rafael (you can call me Raf!), I use he/him/his pronouns, and I’m a fourth year GDB major. I fell in love with the GDB Major after learning just how much I could expand my intellectual and academic scope with the diverse range of restricted electives. To me, university is, among other things, the chance to learn from some of the most knowledgeable and passionate people on the planet about the topics that matter most to them, and having the opportunity to study everything from parasitology to ecology under them was a dream come true. 

I've been the representative and external vice president of the Filipinx Association for Health Careers (FAHC), which provides social, cultural, and professional support to students through experiential learning opportunities like our biennial Health Conference, Virtual Shadowing Program, and various workshops. I was also a summer volunteer of the Bayanihan Clinic.

As for research, I’m involved in the Research Experience in Surgery (RESURG) program at UC Davis, which I heard about through GDB Advising in freshman year! I help conduct clinical research at the UC Davis Department of Surgery on everything from incidental findings to palliative care health outcomes. It’s a less traditional route for research than most students find, so if you’re ever interested in research at the School of Medicine, Medical Center, or other opportunities off campus, I can definitely share my perspectives and advice! I look forward to advising y’all!

Restricted Electives:

  • MMI 188: Human Immunology
  • UWP 101: Advanced Composition
  • PHY 7C: General Physics (under RE Exception #1)
  • SPH 108: Introduction to Programming Planning & Evaluation
  • SPH 104: Globalization & Health
  • CHE 118C: Organic Chemistry for Health Sciences
  • SUR 192: Research in Surgery
  • IDI 141: Intro to Infectious Diseases