Johan Leveau

Position Title
Dr. Johan Leveau
GDB Lead Faculty Advisor
Professor of Plant Pathology

  • Department Plant Pathology
Office: 476 Hutchison Hall

As the Lead Faculty Advisor for the Global Disease Biology (GDB) major, one of my responsibilities and proudest moments is the official act of certifying the degrees for our students at the time of graduation. The act itself is only a mouse click, but it acknowledges and celebrates each and every student’s hard work and persistence in pursuit of a dream to make this world a better place. I know this because students share with me these dreams, during one-on-one advising meetings, during office hours of classes that I teach for the major, including SAS 013 and GDB 103, and as I consult them in their Senior year on capturing their GDB practicum experience in a practicum report.

It is so inspiring to see how passionate our students are during their tenure here at UC Davis and so humbling to know how many move on, GDB degree in hand, to start grad/med/vet school or join the professional workforce and start making a difference in the lives and healths of people, animals, and plants. The world needs GDB students, now more than ever.

  • SAS 013: Disease & Society (3 units)
  • GDB 103: Microbiome of People, Animals, & Plants (3 units)
  • GDB 189D: Global Disease Biology Research Discussion (1 unit)
  • PLP 201B: Impacts, Mechanisms, & Control of Plant Disease (3 units)
Research Interests & Expertise
  • Phyllosphere microbiology
  • Bacterial mycophagy
  • Microbial metagenomics
  • Bioreporter technology
  • Single-cell microbial ecology
  • Microbial exploitation of phytohormones
  • Structure and function of plant microbiota (the phytobiome)