GDB Advising

GDB students have access to many on-campus sources of advice. Within the GDB major, these include Academic Advisors Bianca Radut and Grace Landon, Peer Advisors (and GDB students) Indira D'Souza, Rafael Ricon, Michelle Mallari, and Lead Faculty Advisor Prof. Johan Leveau. In addition, each student is matched up with a GDB Faculty Advisor.

GDB advisors have different roles. The Academic Advisor and Peer Advisor are typically the first point of contact for any advising questions by students. A Faculty and Lead Faculty Advisor can give students further information about career opportunities and appropriate coursework and/or internships that may help better prepare them for that career.

Students also have access to advising at the college level: CAES advisors (both staff and peer) can address questions about college and university requirements (these are different from and in addition to the requirements of the major), how to change a major, and they can do a degree check (an assessment of where a student stands with requirements). CAES advisors also deal with personal difficulties that affect a student's academics or a student's concerns about achieving Good Academic Standing (GPA of at least 2.0 each quarter).

Other, more specialized sources of advising pertinent to the GDB major are the Internship and Career Center (ICC) and Health Professions Advising (HPA).


Meet the GDB Advising Team!