May 2022 GDB Alumni Spotlight: Brandon Nguyen

Hey GDB! I graduated Class of 2020 with a Bachelor of Science in GDB and a minor in Philosophy. I am currently a Clinical Research Coordinator at UCSF helping families who have experienced neonatal loss with autopsy, research donation, and organ donation. In my free time, I enjoy backpacking, snowboarding, and teaching my dog new tricks. 

GDB Practicum Pods Episode 11: Sophia Li

Sophia Li completed her GDB Practicum Project on "When to call: an analysis of calling statistics from a COVID-19 phone-based questionnaire." Learn about Sophia's research experience in the GDB Office's May 2022 Practicum Pod!

May 2022 GDB Student of the Month: Paulina Frost

My name is Paulina and I’m a third year Global Disease Biology major. I’ve been a part of the Joan Viteri Memorial student-run clinic since I was a freshman and it’s been an incredibly impactful experience. Through the clinic I’ve also become a volunteer at the Stockton Harm Reduction Program where I’ve learned a lot about what makes a good public health intervention. For the past year, I worked as an interviewer for the California Department of Public Health’s COVID-19 case-control study that aimed to better understand vaccine and mask effectiveness, among other things.

GDB Practicum Pods Episode 10: Jorge Benitez

Jorge Benitez completed their GDB Practicum Project on "Biomechanisms Leading to Tissue Resident CD4 Memory T Cells during Bacterial Infection". Learn about Jorge's research experience in the GDB Office's February Practicum Pod!

April GDB Student of the Month: Amber Ellis

Hi! I'm Amber (they/she), a third year Global Disease Biology major! At UC Davis, I'm an administrator for the student-run clinic Joan Viteri Memorial Clinic, the president of the UC Davis Disabled Student Union, and I'm currently conducting research with Brady Labs. The GDB program has given me the opportunity to explore science, public health, and community health through a variety of very cool classes, research, and hands-on experiences. It's been an awesome experience to work in wet labs, clinical settings, and engage in social justice advocacy! 

March Alumni Spotlight: Claire Chapman

Hello fellow GDBers! My name is Claire Chapman and I recently graduated from UC Davis in Spring 2021. In addition to my lovely GDB degree, I also received minors in Medical Entomology and Public Health and the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Medal. During my time at UC Davis, I was involved in Science Olympiad at UC Davis, Regents Scholars Society, the University Honors Program, and Research Scholars Program in Insect Biology – all of which greatly shaped me into the person I am today. My undergraduate practicum research was under the guidance of Dr.

February GDB Student of the Month: Maddelyn Hunt

My name is Maddie Hunt and I am a fourth year GDB Major, graduating spring quarter. I am from a small farming town in the Central Valley named Tulare, where we have more cows than people. Here at UC Davis I am involved in the agricultural sorority on campus, Sigma Alpha. 

GDB Practicum Pods Episode 9: Victoria Huang

Victoria Huang completed their GDB Practicum Project on "Mixture of Common Food Contaminants Alters Nervous System Gene Expression Leading to Decreased Body Temperature in Rats". Learn about Victoria's research experience in the GDB Office's February Practicum Pod!

Professor Spotlight, Winter 2022: Diana K. Davis

In this series, the GDB Advising Team interviews professors who play an integral part in our GDB curriculum. We are so grateful to have such amazing and compassionate faculty as part of the team!

Faculty Panel on GDB Practicum

Curious to know how professors handle practicum projects? Or how to approach professors in general? 

See the recording of our panel and Q&A session here: 

February Alumni Spotlight: Andrea Guggenbickler

Hello all, my name is Andrea Guggenbickler (she/her/hers). My partner and I live in Woodland, CA with our three cats (Butters, Toast, and Doctor Professor Stripey Pants). I graduated from UC Davis with a degree in Global Disease Biology in 2018. During my time as a Global Disease Biology student I focused my research and studies on both GDB and public health efforts- specifically Herpes Simplex Virus 2 vaccine development research and menstrual hygiene product access research.

GDB Practicum Pods Episode 8: Valerie Nyasimi

This week on Practicum Pods, we have the pleasure of speaking with Valerie Nyasimi (she/her), a fourth-year Global Disease Biology student working on her GDB Practicum Project in Dr. Douglas Cook's lab under the Department of Plant Pathology. Her project is titled "Efficacy of the bacterial metabolite 2,4-diacetylphloroglucinol in controlling the Chickpea pathogenic fungus Fusarium oxysporum."

GDB Practicum Pods Episode 7: Lois Kang

In this episode, we feature Lois Kang, a 4th year Global Disease Biology student currently researching the topic of "Gene List of Potential Application of CNKSR2 Genetic Therapeutic Intervention" with Dr. Joseph Shen and Leigh Ann Higa Lois is interested in pursuing Genetic Counseling as a career and is using her Practicum experience to explore this option further!

November GDB Student of the Month: Valerie Nyasimi

Hi everyone! My name is Valerie Nyasimi, I am a transfer 4th year Global Disease Biology major. I learned about my major through the recommendation a friend gave. She had minored in it during her time in Davis. I did my research, and I was really impressed by the One Health approach in which the major is structured, because of that I decided to pursue my bachelor’s in the major. The GDB major has provided me with a better outlook on how we humans, plants, and animals are all connected which is something that was not really emphasized in my prior college years.