June Student of the Month: Karishma Srinivas

Hi, my name is Karishma Srinivas and I’m a fourth-year GDB student. Currently, I work in the Kliebenstein lab studying the interactions between the necrotrophic pathogen, Botrytis, and various plant species. Post graduation, I plan to take a gap year and work as an EMT before applying to medical school! The GDB major has allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of diseases and helped me feel more prepared for my career post-graduation! One of my favorite classes is GDB 101 which helped me realize my passion for epidemiology through the various disease simulations we created.

May Student of the Month: Karthik Midde

Hi, my name is Karthik Midde, and I am a 3rd year Global Disease Biology major. I transferred into the major in my second year as I was attracted to the focus on studying health in a global context. I've truly come to appreciate the amount of flexibility we have within the major to tailor to our interests, from the restricted electives to the practicum project.

April Student of the Month: Muiez Bashir

Hi, my name is Muiez Bashir. I am a fourth-year Global Disease Biology Major. I chose this major after learning about it in my second year when I heard that it had a practicum project. What I like about the major is the emphasis on the one health concept and the direct application of the skills and education that GDB students learn, allowing them to engage in on-campus research and apply their learning in practical settings in the form of their practicum. After graduating, I plan on applying to medical school and becoming a physician one day.

March Student of the Month: Nikhita Prabhu

Hi, my name is Nikhita and I am a fourth-year Global Disease Biology major.  My academic journey within the GDB major has been an enriching exploration of the field of public health, providing me with a strong foundation in understanding health disparities and their broader implications. Delving into rigorous coursework and collaborative research projects has honed my analytical skills and instilled in me a deep-seated curiosity about the connection between biological and developmental factors. 

February Student of the Month: Alejandro Tapia

Alejandro is a fourth-year first-generation student double majoring in Global Disease Biology (GDB) and Psychology with a minor in Chicano/a Studies. Alejandro’s interest in medicine and public health led him to join Clinica Tepati, a UC Davis student-run primary care clinic that addresses the healthcare gap in the Latino community of the greater Sacramento area. Clinica Tepati’s three-part mission; healthcare, education, and advocacy resonates with Alejandro’s aspiration of becoming a physician to address the health disparities in his community.

January Student of the Month: Davis McWilliams

Hi, I’m Davis and I am a fourth-year Global Disease Biology student. The GDB curriculum has given me the tools and experience necessary to become successful in the fields of public health and health sciences. The wide range of course topics has exposed me to new ways of thinking while diving deeper into topics I already have had an interest in. Studying disease from a One Health perspective has allowed me to analyze and critically think about health issues from different angles.

December Student of the Month: Muyun Tsen

Hi, my name is Muyun, and I am a fourth-year GDB student minoring in Statistics. Majoring in Global Disease Biology has allowed me to learn much about diseases and other public health concerns, and I am grateful that this major has given me the opportunity to start conducting research. Combining Global Disease Biology and Statistics has provided me with the starting tools needed to analyze and interpret complex health and biological data sets. 

November Student of the Month: Maggie Bauer

Hi, My name is Maggie Bauer and I am a 4th year Global Disease Biology major. Through the diverse classes I’ve taken in the GDB major, I have been able to explore my ranging interests from health inequities to immunology while gaining perspective of the interconnectedness of different fields. I have also been able to gain practical experience through the practicum research experience. I am part of the Research Scholars in Insect Biology program which provided me the opportunity to work in Dr. Ralston’s lab focusing on Entamoeba histolytica.

October Student of the Month: Airan Sanchez

Hi, I’m Airan Sanchez. I have always been interested in learning and understanding diseases that affect different areas around the world because we aren’t directly exposed to them due to the advanced medical technology we have compared to other areas. I am motivated to become a surgeon one day with a big goal of creating a non-profit health organization to provide support and resources to low-resourced communities that lack health care. I have always believed that healthcare should be universal to everyone instead of individuals who either need to pay or have a very low income.

September 2023 Student of the Month: Ashna Kambhampati

My name is Ashna, and I’m an upcoming 3rd year Global Disease Biology major! Throughout my time at Davis, I have had the opportunity to take various classes which have furthered my passion for public health. The GDB major has helped me learn and appreciate the One Health perspective as it is unique to UC Davis. I hope to apply this perspective throughout the rest of my pre-med and medical career.