Global Disease Biology Minor

Students are required meet with a GDB advisor to set up an academic plan before their last year at UC Davis in order to complete the GDB minor. If you do not, you may not be able to declare GDB as a minor. Please scroll to the bottom of the page for detailed minor declaration steps and instructions.

Listed below are the requirements for an academic minor in Global Disease Biology. You can also find them here. Some of these courses have prerequisites that are not included as part of the minor, so students should plan accordingly. Total number of units: 20-22.






SAS 13 Disease and Society -- 3
PMI 129Y One Health: Human, Animal & Environment Interfaces Good academic standing 3
VME 158 Infectious Disease in Ecology and Conservation BIS 2A-C 3
GDB 101 Epidemiology BIS 2A-C; SAS 13; STA 13/100 4
GDB 102 Disease Intervention and Policy BIS 2A-C; SAS 13; GDB 101; PMI 129Y; VME 158 4
ONE of the following pathogen/disease courses:     3-5
PLP 100 Biology of Plant Pathogens BIS 2A-C 3
PLP 120 Introduction to Plant Pathology BIS 2C; MIC 102 recommended 4
PLP 130 Fungal Disease Biology BIS 2A-C 3
PMI 127  Medical Bacteria and Fungi Any MIC course with lab, immunology recommended 5
ENT 153 Medical Entomology BIS 2A-B 3
ENT 156  Biology of Parasitism (ENT 156L is optional) BIS 2A 4
GDB 103 Microbiome of People, Animals, and Plants BIS 2A-C 3
PMI 128 Biology of Animal Viruses  BIS 102 or 105 3

MIC 162

General Virology BIS 101; BIS 102 or 105 recommended 4
MMI 177 Human Virology BIS 102 or BIS 101 or BIS 103 or BIS 104 or BIS 105 3


How to declare a Global Disease Biology Minor

  1. Schedule an appointment with a GDB advisor to incorporate minor requirements into your academic plan. You are required to meet with a GDB advisor prior to declaring your minor (see Step 3).
  2. Complete the required coursework for the GDB minor (listed above) with passing grades.
    • NOTE: You will NOT be able to register for GDB 101 and GDB 102 during your Pass One registration time due to major restrictions.
    • Please waitlist for GDB 101 and GDB 102 during your Pass 2 registration time. The GDB Advising Team will reach out to you after Pass 2 regarding your enrollment status for those classes.
  3. Submit a Minor Declaration form once you have officially registered for your last course required for the minor. This form must be submitted before the deadline for the graduation application

Please email any questions about the Global Disease Biology minor to GDB Advising at