GDB Alumni Spotlight February 2024: Crystal Ngo Diaz

Hello everyone! I’m Crystal Ngo Diaz (she/her) and I’m a very proud GDB alumna! I completed my degree in three years in spring 2022 and am an incoming physician assistant student at Point Loma Nazarene University! Reflecting on my time at UC Davis, I am incredibly grateful to my high school self who chose GDB. The major provided me with the flexibility to explore diverse pathways in the sciences and ultimately led me to the pre-PA route. Most importantly, the GDB community has been an invaluable part of my journey.

GDB Alumni Spotlight January 2024: Meaghan Woody

My name is Meaghan Woody and I graduated with the GDB major in Fall 2018 after transferring from Santa Rosa Junior College. Currently, I am a first-year PhD student in Community Health Sciences at the Fielding School of Public Health at UCLA. My pathway to PhD was not linear and I am so glad GDB exposed me to many diverse fields of research. The unique and multidisciplinary curriculum of GDB allowed me to connect with people from plant pathology and public health, which grew my network of mentors, colleagues, and friends.

GDB Alumni Spotlight, December 2023: Emmet Stephenson

My name is Emmet, and I am so glad I decided to major in Global Disease Biology at UC Davis! When I first started my undergraduate degree, I thought I wanted to go to medical school. I did not know what other career options I could pursue with my interest in infectious diseases. Thanks to the GDB major, I was able to explore many different career options with some amazing faculty. The GDB practicum in particular helped me join a lab and get hands on research experience, which is how I fell in love with parasitology!

GDB Alumni Spotlight, November 2023: Anna(Niki) Francisco

Hello Everyone!! My name is Anna Francisco but I usually go by my nickname, Nikki. I graduated from the Global Disease Biology major in the Spring of 2018. I always had an interest in studying diseases since I was young and it was no surprise that I wanted to pursue a career out of it. As a transfer student, it was hard narrowing down majors that I could explore my interests in but when I found out about the Global Disease Biology major, I knew that the curriculum aligned perfectly with what I wanted to get out of my bachelor's.

GDB Alumni Spotlight, June 2023: Mariah Rubin

Hello! My name is Mariah (she/her) and I graduated from the Global Disease Biology major with a minor in Spanish in the spring of 2021. While at UC Davis, I was the partner coordinator for the Fresh Focus food access program at the Student Farm, student representative on the UCD Basic Needs Committee, volunteered with the student-run Joan Viteri Memorial Clinic, and worked as a research assistant on a community-based needs assessment for the Sacramento County Food Bank and Family Services and their partner organizations.

GDB Alumni Spotlight, May 2023: Darlene Tran

Hi, folks! I’m Darlene Tran (she/her) and I’m incredibly proud to be an alumnus of GDB. Since graduating in spring 2018, I spent a few years as a Life Science Research Professional at Stanford OBGYN, where I worked on submitting an investigational new drug application to the FDA for a stem cell-based therapy for stress urinary incontinence. I, like many college seniors, wasn’t sure what career I wanted to pursue when I graduated. I’m glad I took the time to work, travel, and figure out what work excites me.

GDB Alumni Spotlight, April 2023: Jennifer Loza

Happy Spring, everyone! My name is Jennifer Loza (she/her) and I graduated in the Class of 2020 with a degree in Global Disease Biology and a minor in Political Science. As a transfer student, I knew I wanted to make the most out of my limited time at UC Davis. Being a GDB major granted me the freedom to explore my interests in both public health and the sciences. I participated in the UCDC Program where I had the opportunity to intern in the House of Representatives with Congressman Eric Swalwell.

GDB Alumni Spotlight, March 2023: Roshni Desai

Hi, everyone! My name is Roshni Desai (she/her) and I graduated in the Class of 2021! I joined the GDB major at the end of my sophomore year and it was one of the best decisions I made during my time at Davis. The close-knit community of students and advisors truly helped me explore my various interests and step outside of my comfort zone. Being introduced to the One Health approach also had a huge impact on me, and is the reason why I wanted to work in global public health and continue promoting interdisciplinary collaboration.

GDB Alumni Spotlight, February 2023: Ryan Khoa Nguyen

I found learning about policy to be the most important takeaway for me from the GDB program. One key implication of this is that the world’s scientists and researchers and healthcare providers working on new ways to preserve health depend on a whole other sector of bureaucracy, government, and rulemakers to ensure that their discoveries become a reality.