Position Title
GDB Peer Advisor (She/Her)


Hi, all! I'm Michelle (she/her/hers), and I'm a a fourth-year Global Disease Biology major. I decided on GDB as my major because, while I love biology, I’ve always had a strong passion for policy and social sciences. Since the GDB major is centered around the One Health Model, it's given me the opportunity to learn about fields I want to explore like disease ecology, epidemiology, health equity, and health policy. Most importantly, the program teaches me how they are all interconnected in order to better understand the concept of health. As a second-generation Filipina-American, I personally feel motivated to pursue studies in Filipino community health, immigration, and mental health. Outside of school, I work for the Sundaresan Lab from UC Davis Department of Plant Biology, which focuses on researching plant reproduction and the root microbiome!
Transitioning as a transfer student during the COVID-19 pandemic wasn’t easy, but ultimately, being a part of UC Davis has been and continues to be an incredibly rewarding experience! With support of professors, fellow students, the GDB Advising Team, and other student resources, I’ve grown to truly feel like a member of the UCD community while discovering my academic and professional interests. For any student struggling, everyone on the GDB Advising Team—including myself—is here to help and equipped to offer guidance so please don’t hesitate to reach out!