Position Title
GDB Peer Advisor

150 Hutchinson Hall

​​Hello! I'm Sloka Suresh, a fourth-year student majoring in Global Disease Biology.

My journey with GDB began during my second year at UC Davis. At that time, I was still deciding on my major, but I had a strong inclination towards biology. During high school, I developed a profound fascination with diseases and their impact on global health. Upon entering college, I was eager to dive deeper into this field of study and explore ways to address global health challenges from a public health perspective. After some exploration, I eventually discovered the Global Disease Biology major, and I haven't looked back since.

What sets the GDB major apart is its recognition of the interconnectedness between human health, animal health, and environmental health. It offers students a comprehensive framework to tackle global health issues while allowing flexibility to pursue individual interests through its adaptable curriculum.

Personally, GDB has played a pivotal role in shaping my career aspirations. Upon graduation, my goal is to embark on a career in the public health sector, with an eventual transition to a career in medicine. My ultimate aspiration is to become a physician and contribute to initiatives that make healthcare more accessible to marginalized populations.

The GDB major is truly unique in its design, and I am so excited to serve as a peer advisor for such a wonderful program and all of its students!