Why Should You Choose the Global Disease Biology Major at UC Davis?


  • Comprehensive scientific education and preparation for a variety of career-fields and post-secondary educational opportunities (public health, human medicine, veterinary medicine, graduate school, and so much more)
  • Personalization through upper-division restricted electives allows you to shape the major to your own interests and passions
  • Specialized senior practicum project provides an opportunity to conduct your own research under the guidance of world-renowned faculty


  • Abundance of opportunities to study abroad and become a mindful global citizen through quarters or internships abroad
  • Flexibility of the major allows students to pursue other passions through double-majoring, minoring, or emphasizing in a particular topic
  • The GDB community is supportive and the major emphasizes teamwork and collaboration especially though the One Health Model

See What Our Students Have To Say:

GDB Student

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How to Change Your Major to GDB (Current UC Students)

Please note that you must have completed at least one full academic quarter at UC Davis and currently be in good academic standing to submit a Change of Major form on OASIS.
  1. Review College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences (CAES) major policies and requirements.
  2. Review GDB major requirements, including the Guide to the GDB Practicum and Guide to Restricted Electives. You can find more useful resources on our Important Documents webpage.
  3. Meet with a GDB Peer Advisor to create an academic plan for GDB major requirements. Email GDB Advising at gdb-advise@ucdavis.edu with your name, SID, availability, and Change of Major advising request to schedule an appointment.
  4. Meet with CAES Advising to check GE requirements if your current major is not part of the College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences (CAES).
  5. Submit the Academic Plan created with a GDB Advisor to GDB Advising for approval on OASIS.
    1. Select your Academic Plan.
    2. Click the green "Submit To..." button at the bottom of the screen and submit the plan to "Global Disease Biology."
  6. Declare your major using the Change of Major form on OASIS (detailed instructions here). In the "Comments" section, please share that: you met with a GDB Advisor, created an academic plan with the advisor, submitted it to GDB for approval, and met with CAES Advising to check GE requirements (if applicable).
  • If you are: a non-GDB UCD student in good academic standing...
  • Please follow the above steps 1–6.

  • If you are: a new student (freshman or transfer) who has not yet completed a full quarter at UC Davis...

  • Please follow the above steps 1–5. You are welcome to meet with GDB Advisors for GDB academic planning and take GDB major coursework until you can submit your Change of Major form. This will be when you have completed one full quarter at UC Davis and have good academic standing established.

  • If you are: a current UCD student who is NOT in good academic standing...

  • Please follow the above steps 1–4. You are welcome to meet with GDB advisors for GDB academic planning and take GDB major coursework, but you cannot submit a Change of Major form until you establish good academic standing.

    Please meet with your academic advisor from your current major department for advising to get you back into good academic standing.