Student of the month graphic featuring Muiez

April Student of the Month: Muiez Bashir

Hi, my name is Muiez Bashir. I am a fourth-year Global Disease Biology Major. I chose this major after learning about it in my second year when I heard that it had a practicum project. What I like about the major is the emphasis on the one health concept and the direct application of the skills and education that GDB students learn, allowing them to engage in on-campus research and apply their learning in practical settings in the form of their practicum. After graduating, I plan on applying to medical school and becoming a physician one day. The GDB program has equipped me with the interdisciplinary knowledge and practical research experience necessary to address complex health challenges and make a meaningful impact in the future.
I completed my practicum project under the mentorship of Professor Ioannis Stergiopoulos and his lab. My project focused on identifying allelic variations within the causal agent of Grape Powdery Mildew, E. necator. During my time in the lab, I analyzed and compared the genomic sequence of multiple fungi samples, and was able to identify certain mutations across the genome of the fungi. This hands-on research deepened my understanding of biochemistry, genetic variations, and mutations within the pathogen, making my practicum project an incredible learning experience.