March Student of the Month: Nikhita Prabhu

Hi, my name is Nikhita and I am a fourth-year Global Disease Biology major.  My academic journey within the GDB major has been an enriching exploration of the field of public health, providing me with a strong foundation in understanding health disparities and their broader implications. Delving into rigorous coursework and collaborative research projects has honed my analytical skills and instilled in me a deep-seated curiosity about the connection between biological and developmental factors. 

In the GDB program, I have had the opportunity to focus on the impact of various demographic variables on parent-infant interactions for my research practicum, conducted under the mentorship of Dr. Lisa Oakes. This work, culminating in my current honors thesis which investigates different contextual factors that can affect child-directed speech, has fueled my commitment to investigating how population characteristics can shape the developmental trajectory of children. Post-graduation, I hope to further contribute to the field by pursuing a doctoral degree in the field. GDB has nurtured my passion for research that addresses the intricacies of child development within diverse demographic contexts.