November Student of the Month: Maggie Bauer

Hi, My name is Maggie Bauer and I am a 4th year Global Disease Biology major. Through the diverse classes I’ve taken in the GDB major, I have been able to explore my ranging interests from health inequities to immunology while gaining perspective of the interconnectedness of different fields. I have also been able to gain practical experience through the practicum research experience. I am part of the Research Scholars in Insect Biology program which provided me the opportunity to work in Dr. Ralston’s lab focusing on Entamoeba histolytica. This pathogen causes the disease amoebiasis in the developing world. I am currently working on research on genes involved in the cellular interactions leading to the pathogenesis of E. histolytica.  

After graduating, I am hoping to go on to graduate school to pursue a career in genetic counseling. I am passionate about both patient care and science education which I hope to advance with my work. GDB has given me a wide range of knowledge and experience that I hope to take with me in my future career.