December SOM graphic, including a photo of Muyun standing in front of trees.

December Student of the Month: Muyun Tsen

Hi, my name is Muyun, and I am a fourth-year GDB student minoring in Statistics. Majoring in Global Disease Biology has allowed me to learn much about diseases and other public health concerns, and I am grateful that this major has given me the opportunity to start conducting research. Combining Global Disease Biology and Statistics has provided me with the starting tools needed to analyze and interpret complex health and biological data sets. 

Following the completion of my research practicum under the mentorship of Professor Bárbara Blanco-Ulate, I was fortunate to be given the opportunity to continue conducting research at the Blanco Lab. After my research practicum, I have worked on multiple projects pertaining to post-harvest melons and pistachios, and currently, I am researching olives. Post-graduation, I hope to use the knowledge and experience I have gained to continue conducting research and analyzing public health data, such as electronic health records and epidemiological data, to gain better insight on how to improve public health.