Position Title
Former GDB Peer Advisor


Hi there! My name is HV and I am currently a third-year GDB major with a minor in Nutrition Science. I actually switched my major three times until I settled on GDB and I am so happy that I did. My major has given me the opportunity to explore different healthcare paths and look at the world around me with a holistic view. In addition,  I am passionate about community health and the intersections science and technology and my major and minor combined have really allowed me to explore that interest. If you are new to GDB, like I was coming into Davis, my tip is definitely reach out to the GDB team. You will find that everyone is very nice and informative and their passion for the major was what made Global Disease Biology an easy choice for me! Outside of school, I am heavily involved in Bayanihan Clinic, and I am also in an organization called Project Catalyst which brings fun interactive STEM experiments to elementary school kids throughout YOLO county.