Brandon Nguyen

Position Title
Former GDB Peer Advisor

150 Hutchison Hall


Hi everyone! I am a fourth year student majoring in Global Disease Biology (GDB) and minoring in Philosophy. Outside of my interests in disease and ethics, I am currently involved with the Knights Landing One Health Center and the Narrative Pre-Health Journal. For my GDB practicum, I am working with Associate Professor Natalia Deeb-Sossa on the Implementation of Narrative Medicine at the Knights Landing One Health Center. 

My favorite part about being a GDB major is that we are given the freedom to choose our upper division coursework. Through restricted electives, I have been able to take courses in public health, bioethics, and immunology. Take this opportunity to explore the course catalog and you'll find so many classes where you can apply what you learned to current events! Come into the advising office to see the variety of courses our students have taken in the past!